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Buy Authentic Chanel Bags Online

The RealReal is a true online consignment shop. Sellers can send in multiple items at a time from their closets to be approved for sale. Once approved, and authenticated the items are priced, photographed and listed for sale, making the process relatively seamless for sellers. Similar to eBay, buyers can sift through a multitude of bags, though the items are not bought through a seller directly. Because TRR has control over pricing items and not the seller, you can find some relatively good deals. The site also offers a financing option through affirm, so if monthly payments are essential to your pre-loved purchase, this is a way to go.

buy authentic chanel bags online

StockX is unlike other resale sites. The company started as a spot for streetwear fanatics to buy and sell the best rare, new-condition streetwear and sneaker releases. They then expanded to facilitate the buying and selling of luxury handbags and accessories with a system that allows sellers to ask a certain price, but buyers can also bid on items to get the deal that they want. StockX has a large catalog of pre-owned luxury goods, many of which are sold out in stores and are often rare and hard to find. They also boast an impressive authentication process. For more see our guide to buying your dream bag via Stockx here.

And a brief peek on the Chanel Forum will reveal that unauthentic handbags have been sold through The Real Real (& Madison Avenue Couture, although not mentioned in the article, but via user comment). There are also numerous horror stories offered by sellers of luxury handbags via eBay.

I have been working on this site for almost a year now and I have seen authentic websites selling Chanel handbags and even discontinued handbags. One of them is shopbop, we found the Chanel mini classic flap bag at their sales section. See our review here: Chanel mini classic flap.

Vestiaire Collective and eBay will also have lots of Chanel accessories and clothing available, but you will have to trust the seller that the piece is authentic Chanel. The bags on these sites may be a little bit cheaper but there is a bit of a risk that you may get a fake Chanel handbag so make sure to check the bag and the authenticity card as much as you can before handing over your credit card.

The popular online shopping website FarFetch and British retailer Selfridges also have pre-loved sections which are great places to find vintage Chanel bags. FarFetch and Selfridges guarantee that the items are genuine Chanel items, so you can shop with confidence!

One of the most famous and recognizable features on Chanel bags is the CC lock. The original 2.55 lock is rectangular without any logo or Chanel stamping. Chanel make bags with both styles of locks so if your back features the rectangular lock it may still be authentic. The CC lock can feature either raised or flat finishes with the right C overlapping the left C at the top and the left C overlapping the right C at the bottom. Replica locks generally feature minor mistakes such as the shape of the Cs, the placement of additional metal above the lock, and even the style of the interlocking Cs.

Hello Chloe, thank you for your comments. While the major differences between authentic and poorly counterfeited bags, such as the ones pointed out in that Lollipuff article, can be distinguished by photographs, more subtle differences are less obvious by pictures alone. We always highly recommend having an expert check your Chanel bag in person for true authentication. We do not offer our authentication service as a separate service and only authenticate bags which are consigned and sold through our website. Lollipuff, on the other hand, provide an authentication service to anyone and so have a lot to gain by publishing an article which adds to common misconceptions regarding authentication by photographs alone.

Hello!I do not think that the number of stitches is a good indicator. My 100% authentic Chanel WOC has 9 stitches, a reissue has 7, small double flap has also mostly 9 stitches. All bought from an official Chanel boutique. I wanted to buy one bag online, since they do not have that collection in stores anymore. I looked at your guide and started freaking out after I counted the stitches on that bag and it was 9. But then I also pulled out all of my completely legit Chanel bags and they all had less than 10?

Hello Miss141, thank you for your comment. Genuine Chanel bags generally feature at least 10 (or more commonly 11) stitches per panel. We recommend that you follow the other steps in the guide and check if there are any other signs of forgery. If you remain doubtful, we suggest you contact the website from where you purchased the bag and ask for proof of authenticity.

I just bought a Chanel patent leather Pagoda Flap bag diamond quilt (2016 cruise collection)from an online discounted luxury item site. They guarantee authenticity. However I have examined the bag and observed the stIch count is only 9 per inch!!! Can this bag be authentic? I have read that any Chanel bag with less than 10 stitches is not an authentic Chanel bag. Does this rule apply to all collections and leather type?

Hi Michele, thank you for your comment. It is common to find Chanel Flap bags with different color chains compared to the other hardware. It is possible that someone wanted a mix of colors when they purchased the bag or that a replacement chain has been added to the bag. We recommend you check the other steps in the guide above if you have concerns regarding the authenticity of your Chanel bag.

Hi Nurul, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we only provide our authentication service to clients who sell or consign their bags with us. If you are concerned regarding the strap we recommend you take the bag into a Chanel boutique and seek advice. Thank you.

I got a chanel bag where the cc metal hardware has a stamp with 3 lines in it. I went on a site that said that if the hardware has a stamp that the bag inside should always say its made in france and if it has no stamp then it is made in italy. Well I think that info may be in correct? my bag has the 3 line stamp and inside says made in italy. serial number and card is in tact read 5764864. Can you please let me know if my bag is authentic??

Hi Tanya, thank you for your comment. We recommend following the authentication steps listed above. If you are still unsure about the validity of the bags you could brig them into a Chanel boutique and request an authentication check. Alternatively, if you are considering consigning or selling the bags we provide a free authentication service for all bags sold and consigned through out platform. Please email for more information.

Hello Tanner, thank you for your comment. Can you please describe the Chanel tag? Chanel do not use hang tags inside their bags, however, it is possible that there is no stamp on the inside due to wear and tear or usage of the bag. If you suspect a bag is fake we advise you to steer clear of using that particular seller and to only use accredited businesses. We have a wide range of authentic Chanel bags for sale and we are more than happy to help you find the perfect fit. Drop us an email at and we will assist you in every way we can. Thank you.

Hello Mary, thank you for your comment. The stitching on the CC lock should match the stitching found elsewhere on the bag. Chanel are extremely careful to maintain consistency when applying stitching onto their handbags. Our advice would be to bring the bag to Chanel for authentication if you have any doubts.

If you love Chanel but do not have years of authentication experience, the following is a detailed guide on the science of authenticating Chanel handbags--something you can quickly refer to at home or when you're on the go.

Because authenticating Chanel is also an art that takes years to develop--like recognizing the smell, texture, weight, flexibility and knowing how vintage bags age--we recommend that you always get your bag professionally authenticated, or purchase from a reputable reseller with an authenticity guarantee.

Caution: If you are authenticating a used Chanel bag that uses a chip technology instead of hologram (year 2021 and newer) skip to authentication step 2 below. Later in the article we cover new NFC chip technology embedded in Chanel bags made since April 2021.

Zippers are easily overlooked, but be sure to inspect it carefully as the zipper often has many telltale signs of authenticity. Chanel uses different kinds of zippers depending on the bag, but the most notable types are Lampo, the DMC, the YKK, the eclair zipper, the triple 'C' in a circle and an unmarked zipper for very vintage Chanel bags.

hello just wanna ask i bought a chanel patent small wallet . i dont have the seriel number yet. but i saw that thelogo cc is on the upper right part outside the wallet. and halogram color is purple. is it fake or authentic?thank you

While Daikokuya offers the convenience of online shopping, nothing beats paying the shop a visit because on-site purchases are subject to an 8% tax exemption. Luxury handbags and watches are the main attraction at this 71-year old institution but other items that catch the fancy of both male and female shoppers are designer clothes, scarves, wallets, and shoes.

When looking for a store to sell your high-end bags, authenticity is paramount. Selling your bag to a luxury consignment store that has a reputation for listing only 100% authentic Chanel bags will increase your chances of a quick sale. Our listings include some of the most highly sought-after Chanel designs including the Chanel Classic Flap bag, the Chanel Trendy bag and the Chanel Boy bag and our extensive client list ensures we usually have a buyer for your bag before it even hits the shelves. 041b061a72


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