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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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[S6E10] Crackin' Under Pressure [TOP]

The top six junior chefs put their professional skills to the test during a restaurant takeover at the luxury hotel NoMad in downtown Los Angeles. Executive Chef Rudy Lopez lends his kitchen to the chefs after teaching them how to prepare some of the restaurant's signature dishes. The junior chefs must work together under the pressure and intensity of the kitchen to deliver the usual quality of the restaurant to a packed dining room of guests who have no idea the chefs are kids. The judges decide whose performance lands them in the top five.

[S6E10] Crackin' Under Pressure

It's another busy day for the casualty team with patient numbers unusually high. Sister Rachel is running the shift, and she's under pressure with a shortage of cubicles - to make matters worse, IT systems start to fail across the hospital, causing chaos for patient flow. Urgent treatment is needed for 75-year-old Janet, who's been viciously attacked by a dog and has a large flap of skin hanging from her elbow. 041b061a72


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