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How to Unlock Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 for Your GPS Device

How to Unlock Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 for Your GPS Device

Garmin Topo Lietuva is a detailed topographic map of Lithuania for Garmin GPS devices. It contains roads, trails, waterways, points of interest, and more. It is ideal for off-road enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, mushroom pickers, anglers, and other outdoor lovers.

garmin topo lietuva 1.12 unlocked

Download Zip:

However, some versions of Garmin Topo Lietuva are locked and require a code to be activated on your device. This can be inconvenient if you want to use the map on multiple devices or if you lose the code. Fortunately, there is a way to unlock Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 without a code.

Steps to Unlock Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12

  • Download Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 from this link. You will get a file named "LT-TOPO-OFFROAD-1.12.img".[^1^]

  • Download UnLock MapSource from this link. This is a program that can unlock Garmin maps for MapSource and BaseCamp.[^6^]

  • Run UnLock MapSource and select "LT-TOPO-OFFROAD-1.12.img" as the input file. Choose a name and a folder for the output file. Click "Unlock".

  • You will get a new file named "LT-TOPO-OFFROAD-1.12-unlocked.img" in the output folder. This is the unlocked version of Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12.

  • Copy "LT-TOPO-OFFROAD-1.12-unlocked.img" to your Garmin device or SD card. You can use Garmin Express, MapSource, BaseCamp, or any file manager to do this.

  • Enable Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 on your device. You can do this by going to Settings > Map & Vehicle > My Maps and selecting "LT TOPO Offroad".

Enjoy Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 Unlocked

Now you can use Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 on your device without any restrictions. You can explore Lithuania's natural beauty and discover new places with this map.

If you have any questions or problems with unlocking Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12, please leave a comment below or contact us at

Features of Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12

Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 is more than just a map. It also offers many features that can enhance your outdoor experience. Here are some of them:

  • Routing: You can use Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 to plan and follow routes on your device. The map supports turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance for roads and trails. You can also create custom routes using MapSource or BaseCamp.

  • Points of Interest: Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 contains thousands of points of interest (POIs) that can help you find places to visit, stay, eat, shop, and more. You can search for POIs by name, category, or proximity.

  • Active Routing: Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 supports Active Routing, which is a feature that allows you to choose the best route for your activity type and difficulty level. For example, you can choose a route that is suitable for hiking, cycling, or off-road driving.

  • Elevation Profile: Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 shows you the elevation profile of your route or track. This can help you estimate the difficulty and duration of your trip. You can also view the elevation data of any point on the map.

  • Shaded Relief: Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 uses shaded relief to show the terrain features and contours of the land. This can help you visualize the landscape and identify hills, valleys, slopes, and other features.


Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 is a great map for anyone who loves exploring Lithuania's outdoors. It provides detailed and accurate information about the roads, trails, waterways, and POIs in Lithuania. It also offers many features that can make your trip more enjoyable and safe.

If you want to unlock Garmin Topo Lietuva 1.12 for your device, you can follow the steps above to do it easily and quickly. You will be able to use the map on any compatible Garmin device without a code.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. e0e6b7cb5c


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