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How To Fix Voice Memos Is Not Saved After Recording On IPhone

So, i have an iphone x with the new ios 12 installed on it last night. This morning i had an interview class with my lecturer about my thesis. To make it easier for me to takes on every word he says, i choose to record it on the voice memos. I already test it first and it records. After that i pressed the red button and begin recording session, it did shows the recording process with the sound graph or something like that (sorry i didn't know how to called it). After like 57 minutes i done my interview, when i pressed the done button it just bring me to the voice memos and it didn't show the recording i just made. But, when i try to search on the home screen (that one when u swipe to the right and type on the search box) it shows my last already made recording with the correct voice memos names but it didn't show up on the voice memos apps. How can i recover that lost voice memos when i can still search the correct name and it still shows up the memos ?

How to Fix Voice Memos is Not Saved After Recording on iPhone

I try to describe as specific as possible, because i hope i can recover that voice memos because it is really a very very important one. I made this communities support account just for this just to let you know.

Close the app after recording by swiping up to show the missing button then click done. After that and hour recording will take 5 to 10 minutes to show up. I don't know why Apple doesn't fix this and why is the swipe up near the start and stop record button? Have you also see the zoom bug in Safari yet? It has been here for about 3 years!!!!!

I already moved on, because i try almost everything possible. From restarting app, hard restart, trying to see from iTunes, etc. Nothings works. For me, the first thing i notice when the problem occurs is when the voice memos app crashing, or running in the background and suddenly the recording icon on the top left disappear. Just make sure, whenever possible do 5 - 10 times trials of recording for 5 - 10 seconds, and also don't run it on the background. Disable the auto-lock on the settings so the phone screen will still turned on. This may prevent further crashes. I'm doing the follow up interview for my thesis and by doing what I just mention, I always successfully record voice memos. This is just ridiculous that apple didn't solve any of this problems.

Voice memos are voice recording App in iPhone.we can record our voice and play it for future purpose. Also, we have a future like voice call recording. Sometimes we used this recording but there is an error that voice memo is not saved after recording:Solution 1:-1: Go to Settings> Voice Memos.2: Enable the Background App Refresh Button.3: Select Audio Quality as Compressed.4: Open Voice Memos and record the voice.5: If again have the same problem updating the Voice Memos in the App store.Solution 2:-1: Remove or uninstall voice memos from iPhone.2: Download the voice memos from the App Store.3: Start the voice recording.Note: sometimes, the iPhone needs a proper restart to do it, if you have trouble again.

I'm a songwriter and recored a few hundred of songs and stored on my phone. Last night I was about to record something only found that the voice memos app was missing. After I get it back through siri, all the records were gone. Is there any solution to get them back?

A lot of reasons can cause your voice memos to disappear. Before that, however, it's important to know how to get back your memos. This is also what we are going to be dealing with in this article. Now keep reading and learn 3 ways to easily retrieve voice memos from iPhone with or without backup.

The worst situation we can image so far is that the voice memos disappeared and there is no backup file either on iTunes or iCloud. Well, there is still hope for you yet, because iMyFone D-Back (iOS 16 compatible) can help you get the data back directly from the iOS device. It applies the advanced technology to access the iPhone SQLite database and retrieve your deleted voice memos. More features about iMyFone D-Back can be found below:

If you are lucky to have backed up voice memos in iTunes/iCloud, things will become easier. All you have to do to get them back is simply restore the device. To do this, you can either use the official way to restore voice memos to the iPhone or use iMyFone D-Back mentioned above. Each method stands out for reasons, and in the following part, we will discuss in detail.

You may notice that both iTunes and iCloud will erase the current data on your iPhone and replace it with the backup files. If you don't want to lose the data and just need to get a few voice memos back, you might as well employ the services with the iPhone backup viewing tool iMyFone D-Back.

In the version of iOS 16, you can manually set the duration to delete voice memos from Recently Deleted folder. Go to Settings of Voice Memo > Clear Deleted, you can change it to Immediately/After 1 Day/After 7 Days/Never.

"iPhone Voice Memos Disappeared" issue can be caused by various reasons. Make backups regularly is the best way to avoid any data loss including voice memos. If the same thing occurs on your iPhone unfortunately, have a try for some pro data recovery tools such as iMyFone D-Back.

I signed out the first time for 15-20 minutes then signed back in, waited 10min then signed back out and then immediately signed back in. The voice memo that had disappear but was still able to be locate on my home search showed up in my voice memos again and I was able to listen to it.

I had the exact same problem, iOS 12, iPhone XR. When I saved a very important memo it just didn't appear after clicking "done". In a random act I tried to record, hoping it would continue the previous recording. It didn't, but when I saved *that* one the other appeared in the list of recordings.

Want to echo those on this thread who have said the iMazing app has been able to find their lost recordings (that show up in spotlight search but not in the voice memo app itself). I too lost a 1hr+ memo that is highly important/irreplaceable, and after much searching this was the only solution. If apple has some sort of policy for avoiding recommending 3rd party apps such as this, then shame on them for not giving the right solution conveniently to those who are in the same boat. 350c69d7ab


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