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Buy Wahl Trimmer

Founded in 1946, Moser Elektrogerate GmbH, an international manufacturer, headquartered in Unterkirnach, Germany, eventually became recognized as a leading global manufacturer of products similar to Wahl, including hair clippers, massagers, shavers and pet trimmers. Wahl acquired the company in 1996

buy wahl trimmer

The company developed the Groomsman, the world's first battery-operated facial hair trimmer. This product created a new and exciting consumer category. New products and sales growth also created a series of building expansions, starting with the purchase of a 17,500 sq. ft. school building.

By 1992, the company had added over a total of 150,000 square feet to the building. The debut of The Peanut, a small, lightweight trimmer that weighed only four ounces. The Peanut turned out to be one of the most popular products Wahl ever created.

Wahl Clipper Corporation celebrated its 90th anniversary. The company diversified to bring quality and innovation to the professional beauty and barber salon trade, personal consumer care and animal grooming categories. The company introduced the first lithium-ion powered trimmer.

Though the company introduced the first lithium-ion powered trimmer in 2009, 2011 marked the beginning of the era of Lithium Ion at Wahl. This type of battery more effectively charges and keeps the charge longer than ordinary batteries. They guarantee much more power than their predecessors had.

The Wahl detailer original is probably the best trimmer on the market when it comes to out-of-the-box sharpness, and lightweight control, and maneuverability. I also want to say that WAHL did the best job in transitioning from corded to cordless. I am very happy with this product.

With a quality pair of trimmers by your side, you can achieve any beard style you wish. Whether you are a man looking to groom his beard or a woman looking to maintain a clean bikini area, Wahl hair trimmers are ideal for you.

Founded in 1919, Wahl produced one of the first cordless hair clippers using rechargeable battery technology. Since then, Wahl cordless trimmers have been very popular among both men as well as women because of the effortless trimming experience it provides.

Your one-stop destination for 100% original brands, Myntra also has a wide variety of products available, including Wahl trimmers. From hair appliances to tapers, you can find all these products and more on Myntra. While you are checking that out, do not forget to look out for other cool appliances like ankle and cushion massagers. So, log on to the Myntra website or download the app and avail exciting offers on your favourite brands and products.

Gone are the days were guys just grew out their beards and called it good. Now, men focus on more than just not trimming it but styling it as well, and that come a long way in the past decade. What started out as hipster fashion and niche expression has become commonplace for men everywhere. It used to be that you either had a beard or you didn't, and if you did, it just grew until you trimmed it and that was it. Now there is an entire industry built around trimming, styling, and nourishing beards. Most bearded men are familiar with the myriad of balms, oils, waxes, and pastes. They probably own a trimmer or entire kit specifically designed for beard maintenance. If you don't, it's high time you did.

Using advanced Lithium Ion technology, it ensures a powerful cutting performance, with up to 180 minutes of cordless run time from a 1-hour charge. This professional trimmer has been ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip for maximum control - complete with anti-slip rubber. Complete your look with the Refresh Wahl Beard Oil to nourish and add shine.

Sure, you may have Clooney-level clearance at your local barbershop, but everyone needs a set of the best hair clippers in their bathroom drawer for last-minute cleanups and maintenance between appointments. And for those with a more skillful hand, having the right tools can mean nixing the expensive visits altogether (similarly to having a solid beard trimmer or electric razor). Either way, the right set can help you maintain your own short, buzzed or shaved hairstyles at home, often for the price of a single appointment. (We chose the Andis Master Cordless Clipper as our top pick for its power and versatility.)

Get the easiest and safest way to clean the bldes of your trimmer and clipper with the use of Wahl 150 ml Handheld Trimmer and Clipper Hygienic Spray. Using the hygienic spray you can get rid of all the bacteria, and grime that gets accumulated on the blades after prolong use. Spraying the Wahl 150 ml Handheld Trimmer and Clipper Hygienic Spray will not only disinfect the blades it will also serve as a lubricant that will help prolong the shelf life of the blade.

Using the Wahl 150 ml Handheld Trimmer and Clipper Hygienic Spray is pretty simple as it comes in a easy to use pump action bottle that can simply be sprayed on to the blades of the clipper and trimmer for best results.

Since this guard / attachment comb is made for full size clippers, it will NOT fit other mini clippers or trimmers such as Wahl Easystyle, Wahl T-blade trimmers, Wahl Detailer, Wahl Performer trimmer, or Wahl Peanut trimmer.

Sick of long hairs tickling your nose? After researching over 35 of the market's best options, we purchased 9 of the best nose hair trimmers available today. We went to work, letting all our hairs grow out before cutting them back again. Armed with all products in hand, we had the opportunity to actively compare performance across several metrics. Not only did we trim our nose, face, and ear hairs whenever we could, but we compared performance, trimming heads, battery, and other features that matter. After grooming for a few months, we offer you our recommendations, grounded in hands-on and unbiased research.

The ConairMan Lithium nose and ear hair trimmer earns the top spot in this review for its uniqueness and impressive performance. Its cutting head features a mushroom shape that can reach more places with comfort than any other trimmer tested, and it doesn't get too clogged up with trimmings. The included lithium AA battery has an impressive run time of seven hours.

While we love the performance, we wish it was a hair easier (pun intended) to disassemble this model for cleaning. Other products offer better serviceability in this regard. We also must point out that the impressive seven-hour run time is only with the included lithium AA battery. Sadly, it is not rechargeable, and another type of battery may not offer the same performance. Aside from these small setbacks, the ConairMan Lithium is our favorite overall trimmer for its wide range of coverage and long run time.

The Wahl Ear, Nose, and Brow Trimmer is a comprehensive manscaping tool for many male facial needs and comes at a great price. It works like a standard nose hair trimmer and then some. The included slide cutter clicks into place and includes various guards for length adjustment. Three hours and 45 minutes is an acceptable battery life.

Keeping track of and using all the various add-on features requires some practice. Also, the rotary trimmer seems almost like an afterthought. It doesn't fit flush with the main body of the trimmer, for instance. It works just fine and doesn't look as odd as you might think, but it feels like it could have used a little more consideration.

The drawback is the addition of the fan motor significantly decreases the battery life. When you turn on this nose hair trimmer, you inevitably engage all the features. As a result, its battery life lasts only a fraction of the time of other top-scoring products. Use the Panasonic ER430K regularly, and you can expect to replace the batteries more frequently than you would with many others.

The ToiletTree LED Trimmer is a simple rotary trimmer with a few additional helpful features. Our initial impressions were that the LED light was a little gimmicky, but it proved to be somewhat helpful in seeing spots that still needed trimming. We appreciate the quiet rotary motor, and the safety lock makes it less likely that the device will turn on inadvertently if it is packed away in a suitcase. The head is easy to remove for cleaning, and the hexagonal shape of the whole thing makes for a firmer grip.

One of the notable downsides to this product is that the battery life is just around average. We also think that its primary performance as a nose hair trimmer doesn't quite match the rest of the product's heft. It gets the job done, but it is not super powerful. However, if you want a basic trimmer with a couple of extra features, this one could be worth considering. 041b061a72


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