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Abstract:In this paper, we propose a new method to estimate the hole expansion ratio (HER) using an integrated analysis system. To precisely measure the HER, three kinds of analysis methods (computer vision, punch load, and acoustic emission) were utilized to detect edge cracks during a hole expansion test. Cracks can be recognized by employing both computer vision and a punch load analysis system to determine the moment of crack initiation. However, the acoustic emission analysis system has difficulty detecting the instant of crack appearance since the magnitude of the audio signal is drowned out by noise from the press, which interrupts the differentiation of crack configuration. To enhance the accuracy for determining the HER, an integrated analysis system that combines computer vision with punch load analysis, and improves on the shortcomings of each analysis system, is newly suggested.Keywords: advanced high-strength steel (AHSS); edge crack; hole expansion test; hole expansion ratio (HER); computer vision; punch load; acoustic emission

Advanced Installer 16.8 Crack



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