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Static Shock 1 Cbr Reader !LINK!

Static can also manipulate positive and negative electrical charges on a small or large scale. For example, in Static Shock, he made use of this ability during a lightning storm against telekinetic Bang Baby, Madelyn Spaulding, by giving the scrap metal surrounding them a positive charge to attract lightning to her. Such uses commonly include magnetizing objects, electrocuting opponents, levitating objects (such as manhole-covers or his self-built metal saucer for use in flight) and people, restraining or adhering people/objects to various surfaces in the form of "static cling", generating "taser punches-&-kicks" with effects similar to a stun gun and at times enough power to send opponents flying during close combat, various electromagnetic displays as well as electromagnetic constructs, like nets or cages, blinding flashes, generating thrown "ball lightning", producing electromagnetic pulses to incapacitate electronic devices, and generating electromagnetic force shields or assembling magnetized metals into physical barriers (see Electromagnetic induction)) to shield himself from attacks, even stopping bullets in mid-air. In the comic book series, Static has displayed the ability to manipulate subatomic particles, in particular electrons. In at least one instance, he has used this ability to knock out a villain with their own electrons. In another instance, Static made an intangible enemy tangible.

Static Shock 1 Cbr Reader

Along with releasing surges of electromagnetic energy, which he can do from any part of his body, Static can also drain sources of electricity, such as power lines, batteries and fuse boxes to recharge/replenish his own energy. He has also displayed the ability to regenerate his powers after being completely drained by energy-draining villains. Whenever Static has used his powers to a high degree, or experiences other such significant energy drains, he will also experience a sudden, acute sense of fatigue, as his electromagnetic powers are tied to his own bioelectric energy levels. In the Static Shock episode "Aftershock", an analysis of his blood shows that Static's electrolytes/blood-salt levels are higher than normal, highlighting that Static needs higher blood-salt levels to support the use of his powers, but the higher sodium levels seem to have no effect on his health.

Static, new resident of New York is battling a man in a power suit who is making his escape from star labs. He manages to save the day with quick thinking although in the process he destroys allot of personal property. Villain in hand his powers save him from untimely death though his prisoner is not so lucky. The villains escape and static contacts Hardware before heading home. Static then becomes the target of the new team of supervillains. The issue ends right as they make contact.

The reboot series that DC Comics and Milestone released recently works as being addressed as season 1. If new readers to this series are familiar with the character, it would no doubtingly be due to the popular animated series (it is on HBO Max now). The comic starts in the same fashion as its predecessors in that Virgil is met with confrontation from his long-time bully Francis who is exposed to The Big Bang and becomes Hotstreak. Before The Big Bang, Virgil was a genius, science student that was focused on asking out his crush. Virgil has a very Peter Parker/Spider-Man vibe.

This connection is still connected with this reboot. Season 1, issue 1 utilizes a small fraction of pages for flashbacks. The story pacing by Vita Ayala is consistent and keeps the reader pacing between panels. Chriscross works with the pacing of the story with layouts that parallel the emotions that are contained in each panel. The new designs for the characters feel updated for a large range of fans and their respective ages. The finishes and colors provided by Nikolas Draper-Ivey make each panel feel fluid as if the all three provided a constant motion. The lettering by Andworld Design also fits each panel by matching the emotions of the panels. There are mentionable variants to this first issue, but shout out to Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez for having McDuffie, Cowan, Davis, and Dingle on the theater marquee in the background of their cover.

This comic is easily accessible for new readers and fans of any iteration of the character from the past. The original spirit of Virgil is in this new issue. It really pays close attention to detail to nail the original plot, whilst providing a fresher and updated version of Static. This issue a great start to the series and the reintroduction of Milestone. Also worth mentioning is the reprint memoriam for artist John Paul Leon and words by Denys Cowan and an editorial by Chris Conroy. From Milestone, Hardware Season One, and Icon and Rocket Season One are next. If those comics in the same wheelhouse as Static: Season One, it is easy to say: these series are paying respect to the source material.4.75/5 Whiskeys. 350c69d7ab


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