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Ormie The Pig Hd Video 29

Ormie the Pig HD video 29

Ormie the Pig is a hilarious and adorable 3D animated short film created by Rob Silvestri and produced by Arc Productions. It tells the story of a pig who is obsessed with cookies and will do anything to get them from the top of the fridge. The film has won several awards, including Best Short Film at Savannah Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, and Seattle International Film Festival. It has also received the Audience Award at New York International Children's Film Festival.

Ormie The Pig Hd Video 29

The film is available on YouTube in high definition, with a duration of 3 minutes and 59 seconds. The video has over 31 million views and 37.8 thousand subscribers as of September 2023. The video is titled "Ormie the Pig" and can be found at [this link]. There is also another version of the video with a slightly shorter duration of 3 minutes and 55 seconds, titled "ORMIE THE PIG - ANIMATION (HD)" and uploaded by boboutb. This video has over 610 thousand views and 269 subscribers as of September 2023. The video can be found at [this link].

The film features Ormie, a cute and chubby pig who loves cookies more than anything. He sees a jar of cookies on top of the fridge and tries to reach them by various means, such as jumping, climbing, swinging, flying, and even using explosives. However, he fails every time and ends up in hilarious situations. The film has no dialogue, but uses sound effects and music to convey the emotions and actions of Ormie. The film has a catchy theme song composed by Alex Khaskin, which plays throughout the video and adds to the humor and charm of Ormie's antics.

Ormie the Pig is a fun and entertaining film that appeals to both children and adults. It showcases the creativity and talent of Rob Silvestri and Arc Productions, who have also worked on other animated projects such as Gnomeo & Juliet, Thomas & Friends, Barbie, and Tarzan. The film is a great example of how animation can tell a simple but engaging story with humor and heart.


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