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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Zillywin is an innovative APP available for download on both iPhone and Android platforms. Wemake it fun, simple and easy to manage fundraising for any special event. It takes all of theguesswork out of tracking and managing raffle tickets. No more lost tickets, no more fumblingthrough long strips of tickets. Purchase any number of tickets and put your phone to work foryou.

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When using the Services, if you are an Event Coordinator you represent and warrant that youhave obtained all necessary rights and permissions to organize the Raffle and that suchRaffle will comply with this Agreement. If you are a Ticket Holder, you represent andwarrant you have all necessary rights and permission to enter the Raffle. It is theresponsibility of each Raffle Manger and Ticket Holder that activities on the Servicescomply with all applicable laws relating to raffles, including, but not limited to, any lawsrelating to the sale, purchase, facilitation, or promotion of raffle tickets on theinternet.

Raffle tickets are $3 each, $4 for 10, $10 for 25. 100% of proceeds from raffle sales will be donated to Fostering Bulloch. See the image below for the list of raffle prizes. More items will be added.

NC State Athletics utilizes this technology for all ticketed events. Simply have your ticket pre-loaded into your Apple or Google Wallet. When you approach the gate, have your phone out and you will simply tap your phone against the scanner! No more concerns with cracked screens, sunlight, or phone brightness levels.

Based on the bare-bones description, the hack appears to have exploited software weaknesses that not only caused ticket requests to be delayed when terminals were carrying out certain functions but also to allow operators to know ahead of time if a given request would produce a winning ticket. If this theory is correct, such timing and disclosure flaws should have been caught by developers and lottery auditors long before terminal operators were able to exploit them. 350c69d7ab


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