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Lenov's Geometry Dash Journey: From Beginner to Expert

Geometry Dash What Is It and How to Play It

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game that tests your reflexes, timing, and creativity, you might want to check out Geometry Dash This is a modified version of the popular rhythm-based platformer game Geometry Dash, created by a Korean player named Lenov. In this article, we will explain what Geometry Dash is, how to play it, and some tips and tricks to help you master it.


What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a game developed by RobTop Games, released in 2013 for iOS and Android devices, and later for Windows and Mac computers. The game features a simple gameplay mechanic: you control a square-shaped character that automatically moves forward, and you have to tap the screen or press the spacebar to make it jump over obstacles and gaps. The game is synchronized with the music, so you have to time your jumps according to the rhythm. The game has 21 official levels, each with a different theme, difficulty, and soundtrack. You can also play user-generated levels or create your own using the level editor.

geometry dash

What is is a website that hosts various games and mods created by Lenov, a Korean game developer and player. Lenov is known for his work on Geometry Dash, especially his level DemoNov, which is considered one of the hardest levels in the game. He also participated in a collaboration level called Collaboration, which features 10 different creators. offers several versions of Geometry Dash, such as Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash World, Geometry Dash Meltdown, and Geometry Dash SubZero.

What is Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a modified version of Geometry Dash that includes some features and changes that are not present in the original game. Some of these features are:

  • A new game mode called "Lenov Mode", which allows you to play any level with unlimited attempts, no checkpoints, no pause button, and no practice mode.

  • A new level called "Lenov Level", which is a very hard level created by Lenov himself.

  • A new character called "Lenov Cube", which is a black cube with red eyes and spikes.

  • A new option called "Lenov Option", which lets you change the speed, gravity, size, color, and shape of your character.

  • A new menu called "Lenov Menu", which gives you access to some cheats and secrets.

Geometry Dash is designed for players who want to challenge themselves and experience a different way of playing Geometry Dash. It is not an official version of the game, so it is not endorsed or supported by RobTop Games.

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How to Play Geometry Dash

Download and Install the Game

To play Geometry Dash, you need to download it from the website The game is available for Windows computers only. You can choose between two versions: one that requires installation and one that does not. The installation version is recommended because it has better performance and compatibility. To install the game, follow these steps:

  • Download the file "Geometry_Dash_Lenov_ru.exe" from

  • Run the file and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Select the destination folder where you want to install the game.

  • Wait for the installation to finish.

Launch the game Choose a Level or Create Your Own

Once you launch the game, you will see the main menu, where you can choose to play the official levels, the user-generated levels, or the Lenov level. You can also create your own level using the level editor, which is accessed by clicking on the "Create" button. The level editor allows you to place blocks, spikes, portals, coins, triggers, and other objects on a grid. You can also choose the background, the ground, the music, and the speed of your level. You can test your level by clicking on the "Play" button, and you can save it by clicking on the "Save" button. You can also upload your level to the online server by clicking on the "Upload" button, but you need to have an account and verify your email first.

Tap, Jump, and Fly to the Rhythm

To play a level, you need to tap the screen or press the spacebar to make your character jump over obstacles and gaps. You need to time your jumps according to the music and the visual cues on the screen. Sometimes, you will encounter portals that change your character's form or gravity. For example, a rocket portal will make you fly in a straight line, and a gravity portal will flip you upside down. You need to adjust your tapping or pressing accordingly. The game is very fast-paced and requires a lot of concentration and precision. If you hit an obstacle or fall into a gap, you will die and restart from the beginning of the level or from the last checkpoint if there is one.

Avoid Obstacles and Collect Stars

The main goal of each level is to reach the end without dying. However, there are also some optional objectives that you can try to achieve. One of them is to collect stars, which are yellow icons that appear in some parts of the level. Stars are used to unlock new icons and colors for your character, as well as new levels in some versions of the game. There are usually three stars per level, and they vary in difficulty depending on their location and accessibility. Another objective is to collect coins, which are golden icons that are hidden or hard to reach in some levels. Coins are used to unlock new trails and death effects for your character, as well as new levels in some versions of the game. There are usually three coins per level, and they are usually very challenging to get.

Challenge Yourself and Others

If you want to challenge yourself and others, you can try to complete some achievements and quests that are available in the game. Achievements are tasks that reward you with icons, colors, trails, death effects, or secret coins when you complete them. Some examples of achievements are completing a certain number of levels, collecting a certain number of stars or coins, or beating a certain level with a certain character. Quests are daily or weekly tasks that reward you with orbs or diamonds when you complete them. Some examples of quests are collecting a certain number of stars or coins in a day or a week, or playing a certain number of user-generated levels in a day or a week. Orbs and diamonds are used to buy new icons, colors, trails, death effects, or secret coins from the shop.

You can also compete with other players online by checking the leaderboards or playing multiplayer mode. The leaderboards show the rankings of players based on their total number of stars or coins collected, their best scores on each level, or their best scores on each user-generated level. You can also see your own rank and compare it with others. Multiplayer mode allows you to play with up to four players simultaneously on a random user-generated level. You can see the other players' characters as ghosts on your screen, and you can chat with them using emojis. The winner is the one who reaches the end of the level first or survives the longest.

Tips and Tricks for Geometry Dash

Practice Mode

If you find a level too hard or frustrating, you can try to practice it using practice mode. Practice mode allows you to place checkpoints anywhere in the level by tapping or pressing any key other than spacebar. You can then restart from any checkpoint if you die instead of from the beginning of the level. This way, you can learn the layout and patterns of the level without losing too much progress. However, practice mode does not count towards your completion percentage or your achievements.

Customization Options

If you want to customize your character's appearance or performance, you can do so by accessing the options menu. The options menu allows you to change various settings such as sound volume, graphics quality, frame rate limit, smooth fix, auto retry, show song info , show fps, and more. You can also change the color, shape


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