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The management of elderly patients with CLL is more complex than that of younger patients due to the greater frequency of comorbidities and functional impairment as well as reduced organ function. The actuarial life expectancy of 70- to 80-year-old individuals is longer than most physicians estimate. CLL will ultimately become the cause of death for a majority of elderly patients once they progress to the point that they require treatment. Although they may not be able to tolerate regimens of the same intensity as younger CLL patients, fit elderly adults should be treated with highly active CIT approaches with the goal of achieving a reasonable depth of remission and a several-year PFS. Several rituximab-containing CIT platforms fit this profile and are appropriate treatment options. Cytogenetic abnormalities are an important consideration in treatment selection, even among elderly patients. Clinical trials designed specifically for elderly patients are under way and will help to better define optimal management for these individuals. Priority should be given to enrolling patients in these studies, particularly because several novel, targeted therapies currently in testing have the potential to transform the care of CLL patients in the near future.

advanced system care ultimate 6 activation key 78

Our nurses are among the best in the profession, reflected by the repeat attainment of Magnet designation at our Lehigh Valley-based hospitals since 2002. Your care is in the hands of people who are dedicated to you, with many having earned advanced specialty certifications and educational degrees.

Medicare and Medicaid payments are received from contracts entered into with state and federal governmental units. However, payments are made for services already provided to eligible individuals, rather than to encourage or enable an organization to provide services to the public. The individual patient, not a governmental unit, actually controls the ultimate recipient of these payments by selecting the health care organization. As a result, these payments aren't considered support from a governmental unit. Medicare and Medicaid payments are gross receipts derived from the exercise or performance of exempt activities and, therefore, aren't included in the term support.


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