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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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the game fishing: north atlantic is the second game in the series and improves the experience by offering a huge variety of realistic fishing areas and boats, as well as an improved gps system for automatic route finding. players can choose their fishing method, choose and upgrade their vessels and fish using a wide range of fishing equipment. furthermore, you can practice your fishing skills in an open world environment. in the game you can fish in the north atlantic sea, the beaufort sea or the barents sea. the game has an accurate gps system to find the route automatically. like its predecessor, the fishing: north atlantic game offers a 3d view of the ocean. in addition to the realistic fish life, the game includes a fun fishing experience with a realistic feeling.

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the game fishing: barents sea is an epic fishing adventure game, where you can explore your favorite fishing grounds. the game includes an open world environment, a realistic 3d view of the ocean, a fishing simulator, a realistic feeling, a wide range of fishing areas, a detailed fishing equipment and three different methods of fishing. purchase different vessels, learn new fishing methods and your skills increase while unlocking a wide range of equipment and gear. the game offers a large number of fish, which makes fishing: barents sea a very popular game among fish and anglers.

one of the best features of the game is the realistic ocean environment, which looks very natural. choose your favorite fishing area and become a professional fisherman. the game offers a wide range of fishing methods, from the traditional harpoon and net fishing to the more unusual deep-line-buoy-fishing and lobster pot fishing. additionally, you can upgrade your fishing equipment or purchase a new vessel.


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