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Why You Need to Read Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15: A Review and Analysis

Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15: The Ultimate Resource for Studying the Book of Revelation

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable commentary on the book of Revelation, you should consider Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15. This is a digital version of the acclaimed book by Evis L. Carballosa, a well-known biblical scholar and teacher. In this book, Carballosa offers an exegetical and theological analysis of the last book of the Bible, covering its historical, literary, and prophetic aspects. He also addresses the various interpretations and controversies that surround this fascinating and mysterious book.

evis carballosa apocalipsis libros pdf 15

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Who is Evis Carballosa?

Evis L. Carballosa (Ph.D.) is a Cuban-born evangelical pastor, theologian, and author. He has a doctorate in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Madrid, Spain. He is recognized as an expert in biblical languages, hermeneutics, and eschatology. He has taught at various seminaries and institutes in Latin America, Europe, and the United States. He was the director and cofounder of the Instituto Bíblico y Seminario Teológico de España as well as the vice-chancellor of the Seminario Teológico Centroamericano de Guatemala. He has written more than 20 books on biblical topics, including commentaries on Daniel, Romans, Ephesians, and Revelation.

What are the apocalipsis books?

The apocalipsis books are a series of 15 volumes that contain the complete commentary on the book of Revelation by Evis Carballosa. They were originally published in Spanish by Editorial Portavoz in 1997. They have been widely used and appreciated by pastors, students, and laypeople who want to deepen their understanding of the biblical prophecy and its relevance for today. The books are divided into chapters that correspond to the sections of the book of Revelation. Each chapter includes an introduction, an outline, a verse-by-verse explanation, a summary, and a bibliography. The books also contain numerous charts, diagrams, maps, and illustrations that help to clarify the complex symbolism and imagery of the book of Revelation.

Why should you read Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15?

There are many reasons why you should read Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15 if you are interested in studying the book of Revelation. Here are some of them:

  • They are based on a solid exegesis of the original text, using the best available tools and resources.

  • They are faithful to the grammatical-historical method of interpretation, avoiding speculation and sensationalism.

  • They are informed by a sound theology that honors the authority and inspiration of Scripture.

  • They are respectful of the diversity of views and opinions that exist among scholars and commentators.

  • They are relevant and practical for the contemporary church and society.

  • They are accessible and easy to read for anyone who wants to learn more about the book of Revelation.

How can you get Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15?

If you want to get Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15, you have several options. You can buy the printed books from Editorial Portavoz or other online retailers. You can also download the PDF files from Google Drive or other websites that offer them for free. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of these sources. You should always respect the copyright and intellectual property rights of the author and the publisher.

What are some of the benefits of reading Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15?

Reading Evis Carballosa Apocalipsis Libros PDF 15 can bring you many benefits, such as:

  • You can gain a deeper insight into the book of Revelation and its message for today.

  • You can learn from a reputable and experienced scholar who has devoted his life to studying and teaching the Bible.

  • You can enrich your personal and spiritual growth by applying the biblical principles and lessons to your own life.

  • You can prepare yourself for the future events that God has revealed in his word.

  • You can share your knowledge and faith with others who are interested in the book of Revelation.

What are some of the main themes and messages of the book of Revelation?

The book of Revelation is a complex and rich book that contains many themes and messages for the church and the world. Some of the main themes and messages are:

  • The sovereignty and majesty of God, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator and Judge of all things.

  • The centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ, who is the Lamb of God, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

  • The reality and activity of Satan, who is the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet, who opposes God and his people.

  • The conflict and persecution that the church faces in the world, especially in the last days.

  • The hope and victory that the church has in Christ, who will return to destroy his enemies and establish his kingdom.

  • The judgment and wrath that God will pour out on the wicked and unrepentant nations and individuals.

  • The salvation and blessing that God will bestow on his faithful and obedient people.

  • The new heaven and new earth that God will create for his glory and for the eternal joy of his people.

How can you apply the book of Revelation to your life?

The book of Revelation is not only a book of prophecy, but also a book of application. It is meant to inspire, instruct, and challenge us to live faithfully for God in this present age. Here are some ways that you can apply the book of Revelation to your life:

  • You can worship God for who he is and what he has done for you in Christ.

  • You can trust God for his promises and his plans for your future.

  • You can resist Satan and his schemes by putting on the whole armor of God.

  • You can endure hardship and suffering by looking to Christ as your example and strength.

  • You can witness to others about Christ by sharing the gospel and your testimony.

  • You can repent of your sins and seek God's forgiveness and cleansing.

  • You can obey God's commands and follow his will for your life.

  • You can anticipate Christ's return by living in holiness and readiness.

What are some of the challenges and difficulties of studying the book of Revelation?

The book of Revelation is not an easy book to study or understand. It presents many challenges and difficulties for the readers, such as:

  • The genre and style of the book, which is apocalyptic literature, full of symbols, images, and figures of speech that are not always clear or literal.

  • The historical and cultural context of the book, which reflects the situation and perspective of the first-century Christians who were facing persecution and oppression from the Roman Empire.

  • The theological and doctrinal issues of the book, which involve complex and controversial topics such as the nature and timing of Christ's return, the millennium, the rapture, the antichrist, the tribulation, the judgment, and the new creation.

  • The practical and ethical implications of the book, which challenge us to live faithfully and obediently in a hostile and sinful world, while waiting for Christ's coming and kingdom.

How can you overcome these challenges and difficulties?

Despite these challenges and difficulties, the book of Revelation is not impossible or irrelevant to study or understand. It is a book that God has given us for our edification and encouragement. Here are some ways that you can overcome these challenges and difficulties:

  • You can pray for God's guidance and illumination by his Holy Spirit, who inspired the book and who can help you to interpret it correctly.

  • You can study the book carefully and diligently, using reliable tools and resources such as commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, atlases, etc.

  • You can compare the book with other parts of Scripture, especially the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament letters, which provide background and insight for the book of Revelation.

  • You can consult with other Christians who have studied or are studying the book of Revelation, such as pastors, teachers, scholars, or friends. You can learn from their perspectives and experiences, while respecting their differences and disagreements.

  • You can apply the book to your life personally and communally, by seeking to obey its commands, heed its warnings, follow its examples, claim its promises, and share its message.

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What are some of the questions and controversies that surround the book of Revelation?

The book of Revelation is a book that has raised many questions and controversies among Christians and non-Christians alike. Some of the questions and controversies are:

  • The authorship and date of the book, which have been debated by scholars and historians for centuries.

  • The structure and outline of the book, which have been proposed by various interpreters and commentators using different criteria and methods.

  • The interpretation and meaning of the book, which have been influenced by different schools of thought and approaches, such as preterism, historicism, idealism, futurism, dispensationalism, etc.

  • The application and relevance of the book, which have been challenged by different perspectives and opinions, such as literalism, allegorism, symbolism, etc.

How can you approach these questions and controversies?

These questions and controversies are not easy to resolve or answer. They require careful study and humble attitude. Here are some ways that you can approach these questions and controversies:

  • You can respect the authority and inspiration of the book as part of God's word, regardless of who wrote it or when it was written.

  • You can recognize the unity and diversity of the book as a whole, without ignoring or exaggerating its parts or sections.

  • You can seek to understand the original intent and message of the book for its first readers, without imposing your own ideas or agendas.

  • You can appreciate the richness and variety of the book as a source of wisdom and revelation, without being dogmatic or divisive.


The book of Revelation is a wonderful and powerful book that reveals God's plan and purpose for his creation. It shows us the glory and majesty of God, the centrality and supremacy of Christ, the reality and activity of Satan, the conflict and persecution of the church, the hope and victory of the saints, the judgment and wrath of God, the salvation and blessing of the elect, and the new heaven and new earth that God will create. It is a book that challenges us to worship God, trust him, resist evil, endure suffering, witness to others, repent of our sins, obey his commands, and anticipate his return. It is a book that deserves our attention and devotion. It is a book that can transform our lives. a27c54c0b2


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