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Os Windows Xp Professional Sp2

Windows XP received a major UI overhaul during development through the introduction of visual styles. Users could change the way windows and buttons looked with the new Luna visual style. It had three color schemes, which were based on blue, green, and silver. Users were given the ability to switch back to the older Windows Classic visual style from previous versions of Windows and customize the preset Windows Classic color schemes. The Luna visual style was the subject of mild criticism, with some consumers describing the visual style as bearing a resemblance to a "Fisher-Price toy".[3][4]

Os Windows Xp Professional Sp2

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Windows XP featured a lot of new features that were relatively advanced in 2001 and subsequently Microsoft improved the OS by releasing new service packs. Well, service packs were a thing that used to exist and it was the earlier version of Windows update. Microsoft released several versions of Windows XP, to suit the requirements of different sets of people. They developed OSes for professional users, home users, and many more, so users with different needs can use the OS.

Windows XP was released to the public on October 25, 2001, the first two versions released by the company were Home and Professional. The Home version was targeted to home PC users, while the Professional version was designed for business and professionals. Prior to Windows 7 market dominance, Windows XP was the most widely used desktop operating system in the world for many years.

Windows XP has a lot of updates in the user interface (compared to Windows ME and 2000), making it easier to use and navigate through files and programs. The appearance of windows shell elements such as desktops, taskbar, start menu, get a better design with transparent icons and shadow drops. The Start menu gets two columns, and now it is completely customizable by the user. Windows Explorer also gets new features and changes, like task pane (useful file actions shown in the left hand sidebar), file thumbnails, sorting, grouping etc.

The recommended virtual disk size for Windows XP Professional is 40 GB. However, if you are only going to use the virtual machine for simple purposes or professional work, it is recommended to configure a disk size of 20 GB or 50 GB. 041b061a72


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