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How Vampire Survivors Became a Steam Hit - Download the Demo Now

Starting tomorrow, October 26, Xbox 360 players can download the demo from the XBLA Marketplace. PS3 users will have to wait an additional day. From then until November 9, when the timed demo ends, players will be able to to check out the game's Dark Horse Hot Pursuit event, where they'll race through Seacrest County as a police officer. After adding a friend to their NFS friends list, players can open another event in the demo. This one's called Roadsters Reborn, and it allows players to...race cars. The game's online Autolog feature entices players into beating their friends' times.

vampire survivors demo download

We can guess at DAU (and maybe total demo downloads?) from CCU: roughly, daily active users on Steam are as low as 7x CCU (for much-played games!) and as high as 15x CCU (for less-played ones.) For example, Soulstone Survivors perhaps had 30,000 daily players & then 100-150,000 for the entire week? (That\u2019s a big guesstimate.)


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