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Zombie Outbreak Simulator Full EXCLUSIVE Version Apk

Zombie Outbreak Simulator is a sandbox application where you can customize your own zombie outbreak. Choose from thousands of real world locations on Google Maps!The hit game with 300,000 downloads on iOS and more than one million online games is now available on Android!Zoom in and out to keep track of the infection as it spreads across the map! Watch from a high satellite viewpoint to get a glimpse of the infection, or zoom right and watch as civilians run for their lives, shoot zombies and inevitably infected.

zombie outbreak simulator full version apk

Games about the zombie genre must be no stranger to gamers with many different gameplay and attractions. In this post, we will present you with a game in this genre with many interesting features, that is Zombie Outbreak Simulator Mod Apk. In this game, you can freely customize zombie outbreaks and choose from thousands of physical locations around the world on Google Maps. With interesting features, this pandemic simulation game has received a lot of downloads, so let's find out right away.

In Zombie Outbreak Simulator, you will witness a zombie outbreak in real-world environments and you will customize the pandemic parameters to your liking. You can adjust for the old slow-moving zombies or the new fast-moving zombies. You can also equip the people with weapons, adjust the number of policemen, so on.

You have to fight with the zombies in the game Hacked Zombie Outbreak Simulator Mod Apk. This is a real simulator of the zombie apocalypse. You will see very terrible pictures, but the game is pretty interesting and thrilling. You can set everything up at your own discretion in it. The speed of the zombie, its staying power and strength, as well as the power of the city police and all other people who will help you to protect the population from these evil spirits. The game provides you with all the necessary weapons you might need in a battle.

In Zombie Outbreak Simulator Hack everything is very simple, you have to kill all the zombies in order not to spread such a horrible epidemic. You are provided by everything in the game, you choose the strength of the shot for one, or a whole company of zombies. In general, you work very carefully, because if you do not calculate the strength of a shot or a blow, the population can suffer together with the zombies, and you have no aim to harm the residents, so try to be careful and think over all the details. Control in the game is very simple and all the actions are done quickly and without any delaying. 350c69d7ab


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