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Enhance Your Media Experience with Sony Picture Motion Browser Portable and Its Plug-ins

when you find an option you like in playmemories home, you can use the following steps to transfer the picture to your computer. open the software, and tap the picture you wish to transfer. as soon as you tap the picture, the software will move the picture to the required folder. once you are done editing the photos, export them to the desired format.

Sony Picture Motion Browser Portable

after dutifully reading your article, i'm finally convinced i need to get a flash and tried sony's hx0g. so after transferring hundreds of files via an old usb to sd adapter to my computer, i copied my files to the microsd card from the camera and followed your instructions. the picture quality is amazing. much better than what i had with my h7 and much better than what i've seen with the fuji zs10. thank you for the post, very informative and helpful.

with these functions all built in, it's a wonder why you'd get a dedicated panorama camera. overall, the camera appears to have a similar design philosophy to other recent sony compacts like the h2 and hx1, with a lot of plastic instead of a traditional metal top. while this is far from bad, it does make the camera feel somewhat flimsy.

conclusions this is a highly specced camera at this price, but with a high price. panasonic has to be thanking its lucky stars that the hx7v is similarly specced to sony's sel18f35t, which can be bought for less than half the price - but lacks the sony's touch screen.

conclusions with the hx7v as well as the sx50v there are enough high-end stills cameras to keep sony's cev makers busy for a few years. there's a few gimmicks up its sleeve, like the touch screen, geo-tagging, cinema-creating modes, dedicated p&s, sweep panorama, and moving to digital audio recording, that let you do some of the things you'd expect from a higher-end camera. but these things are all gimmicks, and the hx7v doesn't quite have the post-processing facilities to allow you to do things like more truly creative colour and creative effects.


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