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Your first two checked bags fly free at Southwest (weight and size limits apply). Skis1 and golf bags2 may also fly free, and surfboards fly free in Hawaii.3 Each additional bag and any oversized bag (more than 50 pounds or larger than 62 inches) is $75 per item, one-way. See restrictions and limitations below.

cep21reg.exe | checked 4

1Snow ski equipment includes: one pair of skis or one snowboard, one set of poles, and one pair of ski/snowboard boots encased in a container(s) acceptable to Carrier. When submitting ski equipment for one free bag, Southwest Airlines allows up to two bags (containing one set of snow skis, ski poles, and snow boots) to count as one item, even if they are packed and tagged separately. 2A golf bag can be substituted for one checked bag. Weight limits apply. 3Surfboard bag containing a surfboard(s) when traveling on flights between the islands of Hawaii can be substituted for one checked bag. Weight limits apply.

Active-duty Military Passengers with a current, valid military ID will be exempt from the two-piece Baggage limit and will not be subject to excess, oversize, or overweight Baggage charges, provided that none of the pieces of Baggage exceeds 100 pounds in weight and 80 inches in size (L+W+H). Bags in excess of 80 inches cannot be checked as baggage, however they can be shipped as Cargo if the Customer is a Known Shipper.

Unless a Southwest Airlines Employee determines that damage is due to normal wear and tear, Southwest Airlines is liable for the loss or damage of protruding parts of luggage and other articles of checked baggage (e.g., wheels, feet, pockets, hanger hooks, pull handles, straps, zippers, locks, security straps).

The liability of Southwest Airlines (if any) for the loss, damage, or delay in delivery of carryon or checked baggage is limited to the proven amount of damage or loss, not to exceed $3,800.00 per fare-paying Customer, including Customers traveling on Southwest points tickets, unless, at the time of check-in, the Customer has declared the value of the baggage to be in excess of $3,800.00 and purchased the appropriate excess valuation. Excess valuation cannot be declared on items subject to a limited release of liability.

Please make sure you tag each checked bag with your personal information. This will help us return the bag to you in case it gets lost. Personal luggage tags should include the owner's full name and phone number. Learn more about our policies for lost or damaged baggage.

The TSA screens all checked baggage for your security. Unlocked bags can be examined quickly. If your checked baggage is locked and TSA cannot open it through other means, then the locks may have to be cut.

Neither Southwest Airlines nor the TSA is liable for damage caused to locked bags that must be opened for security purposes. (We highly recommend that you do not pack the following items in your checked baggage: cash, jewelry, electronics, laptop computers, fragile items, medications, car keys, and important documents.)

Because e-cigarettes are designed to operate by creating heat, they must be placed in a carryon bag or with you onboard. E-cigarettes aren't allowed in checked bags. Don't forget, you cannot use e-cigarettes onboard.

Note: All lighters are prohibited in checked bags, unless they adhere to the Department of Transportation exemption, which allows up to two fueled lighters if properly enclosed in a DOT approved case.

We currently prohibit self-defense sprays on any flight regardless if it is checked or carried on. Please see the TSA's website for a list of prohibited items. Lithium batteries that are damaged, defective, or recalled for safety reasons are not allowed in checked baggage, carryon baggage, or cargo.

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Planning ahead and packing properly can facilitate the screening process and ease your travel experience at the airport. Know what you can pack in your carry-on and checked baggage before arriving at the airport by reviewing the lists below. Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns. Read about civil penalties for prohibited items.

Alcoholic beverages with more than 24% but not more than 70% alcohol are limited in checked bags to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) per passenger and must be in unopened retail packaging. Alcoholic beverages with 24% alcohol or less are not subject to limitations in checked bags.

Check with your airline if ammunition is allowed in checked bags. Small arms ammunitions must be securely packed in fiber, wood or metal boxes or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition. Ask the airline about limitations or fees. Read the guidelines for traveling with firearms.

You may transport this item in carry-on or checked bags. For items you wish to carry on, you should check with the airline to ensure that the item will fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat of the airplane.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans must cover cholesterol testing. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be able to get your cholesterol checked at no cost to you. Check with your insurance company to find out more.

When one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency message appears on your startup screen; immediately run the disk check instead of skipping it. You can also follow the solutions mentioned in the article if you still need to run the disk check.

When a user turns on the computer as usual, sometimes, a blank screen appears in front of them immediately. The on-screen message may read that one of your hard drives needs to be checked for consistency.

It is generally advised to complete the disk check when you see the error message requesting it. But if you accidentally skipped it, you can check the five fixes below to solve the issue that one of your disks needs to be checked for a consistency message appearing when you turn on your computer. 350c69d7ab


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