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Rekey Kits For Sale BETTER

Weiser, Kwikset and Schlage are the three most common locks in the U.S. Locksmiths and property managers deal with these three brands daily and it just makes sense to have a small and light weight kit that was designed especially to handle those keyways, especially for those who do rekeying in the field. The Mini Durex line of brand specific mini kits features a rugged plastic case, which this kit shares.

Rekey Kits For Sale

Because I didn't know that there were rekeying services, I also didn't know that you could have multiple door locks rekeyed with the same key. Meaning, you could have door locks rekeyed so that you could use the same key to get in each door. Cool, right?

You can buy Kwikset rekey kits if you have a Kwikset lock as well as Schlage kits for a Schlage lock. I'll link some options below but make sure to pay attention to whether or not they will work for your particular lock. After my initial research, it looked a bit confusing for how to DIY this project but if one was willing to try, I do think it could be done.

After researching my options, I decided that it was better (for us) to just have our door locks rekeyed by a professional. Our front door lock is a brand that I couldn't find much information on when it came to rekeying the lock. It was installed from our local door company so I'm assuming it's a "to the trade" knob.

When an InstaKey master key is lost or stolen, simply rekey all locks at the master level and issue new master keys. There is no need to change or distribute any of the lower level keys as they are unaffected, becoming extremely cost-effective. Rekeys are designed to only change the key level of the breached key, not all keys in the system.

Preventative Maintenance: Each InstaKey Rekeying Kit contains a small bottle of dry graphite lubricant designed for metal-to-metal contact. Use it before each rekey and it will help prolong the life of your locks.

Small Format Interchangeable Cores are figure 8 cylinders that can be removed from the lock hardware with the use of a control key. Our SFIC cores are designed to be rekeyed in the hardware without the need to remove or swap cores. These SFIC cores are available in both 6-pin and 7-pin configurations.

Figure 8 cylinders that are designed to secure sliding panel display cabinets, window displays, or other fixtures. The SFIC core acts as a latch securing the sliding panels closed. They are removed from the lock hardware with the use of a control key, releasing the other panel to be open. Our Sliding Panel SFIC cores are designed to be rekeyed in the hardware without the need to remove or swap cores. These SFIC cores are available in select 7-pin configurations.

These cylinders are designed to encompass the same level of security and rekeying capabilities as found in the Medeco-InstaKey Biaxial product line. We provide these removable cylinders in standard large format (side Lug) or Medeco-Yale (rear Lug) programs.

We partner with industry suppliers to offer ancillary lock hardware designed to support our user-rekeyable lock cylinder technology and key management program solutions. Download our Line Card to see a list of trusted partners and ancillary lock hardware products.

For commercial properties, offices, rentals, apartment and condominium complexes a better option may be rekeying. Instead of replacing the lock and hardware, a locksmith can change out the mechanical locking mechanism so that the old keys will no longer unlock the door. Then, the lock is reset to work with a new key. When multiple locks need to be modified, rekeying is usually the more cost-effective solution.

Of course, the cost of rekeying will also vary depending on the hardware selected, the level of complexity involved in the lock mechanism, the number of locks to be rekeyed and the number of key copies needed.

Another option to keep in consideration is rekeying the doors to set up a master key system. For building managers or landlords, a master key system makes it possible to open multiple locks with one master key.

There are cheaper kits available (not from Schlage) that provide the pins for multiple locks and a set of matching keys. They are a lot less expensive and you can pick them up at Home Depot. The Schlage kit is probably better in the long run if you are doing a lot, though.

If a service call from a locksmith to rekey your locks costs $100 then the value of a $150 do it yourself kit is questionable. If it costs $300 to have a locksmith do this then the kit starts looking pretty good.

One of the biggest expenses you can incur when moving into a new apartment or home is changing the locks. The cost of a locksmith varies depending on where you live but as long as you have the original keys, save the money you'd pay to have new locks installed and rekey the existing locks yourself. A basic rekeying kit can cost as little as $20 which is inexpensive compared to the $250 you could pay to have a similar quality door knob and lock installed by a professional. Available at most local and online hardware stores, rekeying kits contain everything you'll need, including two keys. Assuming that the kit you've selected corresponds with the brand of lock you're changing, focus and follow the instructions. The whole process should take no more than 20 minutes.

Using the rekeying tweezers, remove the old pins. Following the color coded chart that shows you where to place the new pins, begin the rekeying process. Make sure that the cylinder is open or at 90 degrees before pushing the plug back into the cylinder.

You can have a locksmith rekey the locks, or you could even do it yourself with a rekey kit. To do this the cylinder will be removed, and the pins within it either replaced with different ones, or in theory they could just be swapped around. After this, the old key will no longer open the lock. You will need a new key. This must either come as part of the rekey kit, or one could be cut based on the new pin arrangement in the cylinder.

Schlage has a rekeying manual online that you can read and decide if it is a task you want to tackle or to leave to a locksmith. I would expect a locksmith to do it fairly inexpensively if you're able to bring the lock sets into the shop.

So you're asking "How do I get a bunch of new lock-sets of my preferred brand and style which are keyed alike?" Go into any hardware store and look at the lock-sets on sale. Each retail package has a key number on the back. The cardboard box that came in will have 4-8 packages with the same key number. Scary, huh?

While I waited for the delivery I got to work on the keys. Wanting to do as much upfront work as possible to make rekeying simpler, I took both of my keys (worn to different sizes) and a set of calipers and got measuring. 041b061a72


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